Database Tuning and Optimization

A database is a lot like an automobile — lots of moving parts, where bad things can (and do) happen without frequent maintenance.   Many in-house designed MS Access and SQL Server database systems have obvious design and/or coding issues, which cause problems with system performance, reliability, data integrity, and the cost to maintain and extend the system over time.   PCA is expert with MS Access and SQL Server database tuning and optimization techniques, and we can implement remedial engineering methods that will substantially speed up and stabilize your system, and eliminate data integrity issues that plague most office-grown systems.

SQL Server Tuning & Optimization

If your business relies on Microsoft SQL Server for your core data management needs, you might not be getting the performance, security or reliability you need.  The SQL Server product has grown to contain more complex features over the years, and many of the most powerful (and almost hidden) capabilities are really only understood by advanced users with years of experience.
Our Engineering staff routinely performs technical assessments of SQL Server database designs.  We have a standard check-list of SQL components that we evaluate. Our assessment is thorough, and includes all items that impact SQL Server performance, data integrity, security, reliability, and ease of maintenance.   The PCA engineering team has advanced SQL Server skills that are honed through many years of solving real-world issues, and we can help your business identify and solve the most complex SQL Server performance optimization needs. Learn more about SQL Server Performance Tuning & Optimization.

SQL Server Query Performance Optimization

The process of optimizing the performance of SQL Server queries can involve a wide variety of strategies and techniques. To fully optimize SQL Server performance, we carefully consider (and balance) the following: Intent optimization, Structural optimization, Language optimization, Hardware optimization, and Application Optimization. The 80/20 rule applies to SQL Server query performance optimization: it is often possible to realize significant improvements in overall system performance (10x is typical) by remediating the top five most obvious issues. Learn more about SQL Server Query Performance Optimization.

MS Access Tuning & Optimization

As MS Access systems grow over time i.e. more users, more data, more reports, it is quite common for performance, reliability, data integrity, and other issues to surface.   Design decisions which seemed sound initially may no longer make sense, or may no longer be able to handle the burdens of daily use. PCA engineers understand how the common life cycle (of design changes, updates, and data growth) of MS Access databases can lead to performance and other problems that can cripple productivity. Learn more about Microsoft Access Performance Problems...