Microsoft SQL Server Database Professional Design Services

We offer a range of professional consulting and engineering services — all centered around our core expertise with the Microsoft technology stack, including: SQL Server database migration, SQL Server performance optimization, custom SQL/.NET design-build solutions, accounting and ERP systems integration, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) design-build, data visualization and analytics, maintenance and support services.
We provide senior, highly-experienced engineering professionals and IT Consultants (no junior or outsourced personnel) who specialize in Microsoft .NET and database solutions.
Our database design and .NET development services range from optimizing SQL Server databases to converting legacy Excel or Access applications you may have outgrown, to creating new SQL database/.NET solutions from scratch. The team brings together a unique combination of industry and business experience with deep technical acumen to satisfy the most demanding database design and custom software development needs.

Access & Excel Migrations to SQL Server Databases

Many businesses manage their core business data using Excel or Access. Eventually, they outgrow these tools. As the business expands, they need more users, better performance, more data capacity, remote or mobile capabilities, and multiple users in multiple locations. Many work-arounds lead directly to inconsistent data and growing costs that justify migrating to a more robust SQL Server/.NET solution.
Our team specializes in converting your complex Excel spreadsheets and Access databases to SQL Server and .NET. We strive to capture and retain the significant investment you have made in functionality and business knowledge that are unique to your business. Read more...

SQL Server Engineering Audits

The design patterns and implementation methods used to create your SQL Server database structures and code deeply affect the performance, reliability, data integrity, security, analytics, and reporting aspects of your application. Our expert SQL Server database designers will help you identify root-cause deficiencies with your design or implementation methods. Such "technical debt" impacts your system capabilities and is costly to maintain. We will make specific engineering recommendations and SQL performance tuning suggestions to measurably improve your system. Learn more....

SQL Server Database Tuning and Optimization

Many in-house designed Access and SQL Server databases do not reach their full potential with respect to efficiency, speed, and capabilities due to improper database design and poor engineering methods. We are experts in the latest Access and SQL Server tuning and optimization techniques.
While there are no "silver bullets," we can often provide incremental remedial fixes to substantially speed up your SQL database and fix reliability and data corruption issues that plague many in-house systems. While we clean up your existing database design and legacy code, our goals are both to improve your overall system performance and provide you with a sturdy foundation that is cost-effective to maintain and extend. Learn more...

Custom SQL Reporting and Analytics

  • Do you have a large SQL database with complex structures or Big Data that frustrates your reporting needs?
  • Are your reports incomplete or unreliable?
  • Are you unable to identify key patterns and trends within your business data?
  • Are you investing too much time tweaking specialized one-off reports?
There are many different approaches to reporting and data analysis — but going down the wrong path is expensive. Often, the implementation falls short of the business needs. Our design team can assist you to design efficient and intuitive reporting and analysis solutions that allow users to quickly visualize, understand, and take action on large amounts of data. Learn more...