Amazon Web Services (AWS) — The Amazon Cloud

AWS provides a highly efficient and flexible means to host SQL Server databases in the Amazon Cloud.    Hosting your SQL Server and .NET application in the Amazon Cloud provides several tangible advantages vs. in-house hosting, including:
  • Easy, low-cost Maintenance: self-managed, with nearly zero maintenance
  • Robust: High availability and durability with 99.95% SLA
  • Increased Flexibility: the number of SQL databases and server resources can be instantly dialed-up or down, depending on your needs
  • Secure: data is protected with replication and self-service restore
  • Time to market: 10 minutes to have your Virtual Machine with SQL Server running in the Amazon Cloud

AWS Cloud Hosting: the Economics

AWS hosted SQL Server can be MUCH less expensive than purchasing and managing your own hardware, plus incurring SQL Server licensing costs, plus the expense and burden of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.    Prices for SQL Server running in the Amazon Cloud are very reasonable, and can be scaled on on-demand, and only as needed.
In practice, we normally see prices in the ~$300 to $500/month range, but your resource needs may vary.  The experts at PCA will work closely with you to understand your needs, and right-size your VM and SQL Server implementation.

Proven Experience in the AWS Cloud

If you are currently considering moving your SQL Server database(s) to the Amazon Cloud — or you are already there and experiencing poor performance or other issues — PCA can provide expert advice and cloud engineering services to help you get the most value from your clound hosting investment. We have successfully migrated over 80% of our diverse Client base SQL Server systems to the Amazon Cloud — Insurance Claims Management in the Cloud, Supply Chain Planning in the Cloud, Patient Medical Records in the Cloud, Event Management in the Cloud, Facilities Asset Management in the Cloud, Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud, CRM in the Cloud, many more — and our Clients are realizing signficiant cost savings, and the tangible benefits of increased flexibility, scalability, and improved security vs. on-premise SQL databases or traditional SQL Server database hosting providers.

AWS - SQL Server Database Expertise

  • Migrate/Convert SQL Server databases to run in the AWS Cloud
  • Build your .NET applications for use on AWS-hosted SQL Server database
  • Ensure high availability and durability with 99.95% SLA
  • Optimize your SQL Server performance and spent in the Amazon Cloud