Distributed Database Design and Applications

PCA specializes in the design and development of custom, distributed Internet database applications on the standard Microsoft SQL Server/.NET Smart Client platform. Our database design experts translate unique business needs into well-structured database design/information models with simple-to-use application interfaces and data workflows.  There are a number of different custom database design options available for integrating LAN-based applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access with Internet-based Microsoft SQL Server and .NET.  PCA's database designers and engineers will work with you to determine the best, most cost-effective approach to meeting your business's database design needs.

Custom Smart Client Application Advantages

Microsoft .NET Smart Client applications look and perform just like Microsoft Office/Desktop applications — but Smart Client applications run over the Internet using web site databases, and enable real-time, secure SQL Server database sharing.  As such, Smart Client applications are ideally suited to multi-user, business-to-business web data design management needs.  Depending upon the application, custom Smart Client distributed database solutions can be 3 to 10 times less expensive to design, develop and maintain vs. browser-based applications written in Java, PHP or ASP.   The Microsoft Smart Client Platform consolidates the best features of desktop applications with the benefits of the website databases.  The result is unparalleled ease of use and power at an affordable price.
Smart Client
Internet Access Yes Yes
Target Audience Consumers Businesses
Usability Low-Med High
Performance Slow Fast
Security Low-High High
Off-Line Use No Yes
Development Cost High Med
Maintenance Cost High Low

Composite Applications: Smart Client + Web Database + Browser

While .NET Smart Clients have clear advantages in terms of advanced capabilities, ease-of-use, and rapid development at a reduced cost over browser web site database applications, we recognize that there are valid reasons (and needs) for browser-based business database applications.   The primary reason: some businesses simply cannot dictate that all End Users install a desktop Smart-Client Application. In addition, sometimes a rich, highly-interactive End User experience is less important than zero-installation and anonymous access or untrusted access.  
Under these scenarios, PCA's designers develop "composite applications" that deliver the capabilities and benefits of both custom .NET Smart Client applications and browser-based approaches to deliver truly integrated, custom web based database solutions.  The Smart Client application is used by the business internally to create and maintain database records, and manage the application administrative functions, and the resulting database records and reports are made available to customers via the browser interface (ASP.NET) web site database application.  Call our DB Consulting experts today!