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Custom Data Collection Applications

Collect Data Anywhere

Why Use a Custom Data Collection App?

  • Collect Data in the Field
  • Data Integrity Rules Built In
  • Cross-Platform

Data Collection

Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime

Need to collect data in the field? Use your phone.

Entering large volumes of complicated data? Use any computer.

Our data collection applications are fast, easy to use, and fully functional on any platform.


Data Integrity

Easy and Stable Record Keeping

Many data collection solutions do not allow for multiple people to add data at the same time. This often leads to collecting data separately and then merging all the data together, which can result in duplicate data.

Our data collection solutions not only allow adding data from multiple places by multiple people, they also require the data to be entered in a way that maintains data integrity and rejects duplicates.


Stable Platform For Next Steps

Easily Add Management & Visualization

You can easily add data management and visualization