PCA did not invent the database.  We didn't invent the Internet, nor did we invent Browsers, the .NET framework, or any of the 3rd-party controls that allow engineers to do really interesting and valuable things inside applications.   We did not invent the robust reporting and data visualization tools that we use every day, or the analytics engines that can extract meaningful and actionable intelligence from huge repositories of seamingly disconnected sets of data.
After nearly two decades of designing and building custom Internet database solutions for our Clients, we did however invent a very efficient set of tools and a repeatable methodology to convert our Clients' business needs into great Internet database applications.     We have learned (through much trial-and-error) how to discern between what looks good on paper and what works in actual practice.   We also discovered that delivering tangible value to our Clients in incremental steps not only reduces business and technology risk, but a logical, phased approach also enables faster progress at lower cost.
While many technology analysts and big consulting companies are now touting the benefits of the Smart Client approach — better capabilities at lower cost — PCA has been quietly designing, developing, deploying and supporting hundreds of custom Smart Client solutions into the marketplace — real business solutions that improve our Clients' business capabilities and, through increased efficiencies, lower ongoing costs.
The team at PCA continues to learn every day — we continue to explore new and more efficient ways to meet our Clients' most challenging business needs, so we can continue to provide the service value that our Clients expect.   When the capabilities necessary to run your business efficiently are in poor working order, or do not exist, PCA can probably help.   We tackle our Clients' toughest challenges with some of the most talented and experienced database application engineers in the Boston area — with critical thinking, perseverance and integrity.