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Amazon Cloud Database Services

PCA is expert with helping organizations both large and small migrate in-house SQL Server databases to the AWS Cloud, keeping systems tuned for optimal cost-to-performance and reliability, and providing essential maintenance and support services.   We offer Clients a comprehensive set of Cloud services — to ensure cost-effective and reliable AWS cloud hosting of your critical SQL Server database assets.
     Check Migrate SQL Database to AWS
(get your SQL database in the AWS Cloud)
     Check SQL EC2 Performance Optimization
(get the best performance from your database)
     AWS EC2 Price Optimization
(get the most value from your investment)
     EC2 Continuity Services
("belts and suspenders" approach to system availability)
     On-Demand Support Services
(expert help, when and where you need it)

Proven Consulting Experience in the AWS Cloud

If you are currently considering moving your SQL Server database(s) to the Amazon Cloud — or you are already there, and experiencing poor performance or other issues — PCA can provide expert advice and cloud engineering services to help you get the most value from your investment.
We have successfully migrated over 80% of our diverse Client base SQL Server systems to the Amazon Cloud — Insurance Claims Management in the Cloud, Supply Chain Planning in the Cloud, Patient Medical Records in the Cloud, Event Management in the Cloud, Facilities Asset Management in the Cloud, Product Lifecycle Management in the Cloud, CRM in the Cloud, many more — and realizing tangible benefits of increased flexibility, scalability, improved security, at signficiant cost savings vs. on-premise hosted SQL databases or traditional SQL Server database hosting providers.
Contact PCA today to forward your SQL Server database cloud hosting objectives.  Ask about our low-cost, no risk "SQL in the Cloud" proof-of-concept offering.

Microsoft Gold Certified
"Corporate SQL Server databases in the Cloud is now the 'new normal.' The prevailing attitude among IT leaders today: own the Cloud before it owns me!"