Microfluidics Corporation

Microfluidics manufactures high shear fluid processors that support development of nano-enabled medicines, chemicals and other innovative consumer products.
PCA was engaged by Microfluidics to take over development and maintenance of the "Microfluidizer" database system that is used internally to manage the customer pipeline, quotations and sales forecasting.


Fogel Capital Management, Inc.

Fogel Capital Management provides investment management services for Individuals, Trusts and Guardianships, Institutions, Retirement Funds, Family Offices and Native American governments.
FCM engaged PCA to perform a formal engineering audit of a complex financial management and reporting system, with the objective to hold an external vendor's "feet to the fire" with ongoing quality issues.

Financial Services

Mutual Fund Administration Corporation

Glendora, CA
Mutual Fund Administration Corporation provides outsourced SEC regulatory compliance administration services to the mutual fund industy.
MFAC engaged PCA to design and develop a custom mutual fund compliance management system, to automate and streamline existing manual- and task-intensive data management and reporting functions.

Regulatory Compliance


Freeman is the premier provider of integrated corporate marketing tradeshow, exposition and special events, planning and producing over 15,000 corporate events each year.
PCA was engaged by the Finance Department at Freeman to design and develop a custom database warehouse solution to support ad hoc financial analysis and planning needs of corporate event managers.


Link Crude
Resources, LLC

Sugar Land, TX
Link Crude Resources is a crude oil brokerage.
LCR was quickly outgrowing an internally-built MS Access database used to capture and report firm-wide crude oil transactions.  The system was slow and painfully inefficient. LCR engaged PCA to implement our standard MS Access to SQL Server / .NET migration strategy.

Commodity Broker

US Aggregates, Inc.

Indianapolis, IN
US Aggregates, a Heritage Group Company, is the largest producer in Indiana of ready-mix and hot-mix product serving a wide variety of industrial and government aggregate needs.
US Aggregates engaged PCA to design and build a custom, end-to-end database solution to manage its sales, inventory, logistics and production operations across 17 plant locations.

Aggregate Industry

Harvard University Press

Harvard University Press is a leading academic publisher of convergent works in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences, with a mission to facilitate scholarly conversation around the globe.
PCA was engaged by Harvard University Press to design and develop a custom cost-accounting solution to improve accounting efficiency and accuracy.


What do all these custom systems have in common?

  • Core business data that is critical to day-to-day operations
  • Measurable gains in employee productivity and ease-of-use
  • Streamlined workflows to Customers and Field Operations
  • Automation of internal and external reporting functions
  • Lower operating costs through increased employee efficiencies
  • Large data sets that are secure, trusted and accurate
  • Role-based Security controls to manage employee privileges
  • Full Audit Trails for compliance and traceability
  • Client-owned Source Code to lower business exposure and risk
  • Mainstream SQL Server and .NET code base to ensure business continuity
  • A durable system design that is cost-effective to maintain