Starent Networks (acquired by Cisco)Test Database

The Starent Test Database allows over 200 Starent employees on 5 continents to test and validate product quality as new enhancements and new products work their way through the Starent R&D pipeline.   This screen shows the standard Smart Client Install and Login process: simply email the URL to an authorized End User, and within two minutes the application is up and running.
Starent Test Database Install and Login
This screen shows the main Starent Test Database Smart Client application with the Test Plan Browse form. Menu selections at the top and short-cuts to the application modules on the left are all tied into Admin-managed Role-based Security privileges.
Starent Test Plan Browse
This screen shows the individual Test Case browse form where the End User defines a specific test configuration (many-to-one relationship with a Test Plan).
Starent Test Case Browse
This screen shows Test Case Results screen. Different Starent business roles each required substantially different/flexible view on Test Case Results, so PCA used a dynamic Grid control that allows Users to slice-and-dice the data anyway they saw fit e.g. arbitrary column groups, sorts, filters, etc., with a click and drag of the mouse.
Starent Test Case Results
This screen shows a Lookup Table form that allows the Admin to Add/Edit/Delete products in the system.
Starent Admin Lookup form
This screen shows the standard Smart Client Role-based Security form that allows the Starent Admin to manage different End User business roles, and associated feature- and data-level privileges within the application.   Starent Admin simply adds Users to an existing or new Role, configures the privileges for that Role, and all End Users inherit the privileges.
Starent Admin Security form