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Royal Administration offers a complete range of automotive warranty and service plans to auto dealerships and distributors for new and used vehicles to provide protection against repair costs.

The Need

The Company had been running its entire business on a bank of fax machines coupled with an office-grown MS Access application... to manage warranty claims administration operations and virtually all of their warranty related information (in short, their entire business).  The in-house system had become nearly impossible to maintain, modify or enhance, the system was crashing once a day, and performance and reliability was causing unacceptable errors and delays in call center operations activity.

The Solution

PCA was contracted to solidify an existing application, and to restructure their data for better reliability and speed.  A primary task for PCA was to organize the existing code and data in such a way as to better model the physical business process to enable the company to establish rational business workflow. Sales calculations, operational statistics, and even customer data and other critical data were not being properly tracked and obscured much of this analysis.
Working closely with operations personnel, PCA corrected problems with the data and the application logic.  Along the way, PCA exploited opportunities to efficiently and economically optimize system performance.  A comprehensive security management system was added to help protect valuable data.  Fax machines were replaced by XML data interchange with their partners, and ASP.Net web services.
The result was a complete, end-to-end automobile service warranty sales quotation and customer support management system.  The system is built in MS Access (front-end) with a SQL Server back-end database, and currently supports concurrent, all day, every day use by ~80 End Users at Royal Admin corporate office.  The solution today manages over 1/2 million warrantee records (8 GB database) and is integrated with their MAS 90 accounting system.  The system produces accurate reports for Insurance companies, sales commissions, dealers/distributors and Royal Admin operations and management personnel.
With a stable, secure and robust application successfully running in production, PCA continued to work on simplifying (rationalizing) their workflow processes, isolating and reducing inefficiencies, and allowing the company to focus on improving call center throughput per customer service rep.  Fueled by new ideas to complement their existing business, Management envisioned new opportunities to enhance the application and develop useful features.   As a result, Royal admin was able to expand into new channels of business that the previous system could not support. The PCA designed and developed solution is now central to the company's operations and profits.
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PCA Client Testimonial
"Sometimes it is the things you don't ask for that can make the biggest difference. This system that PCA designed improved our efficiencies. It is much faster and easier to use, and included key missing functionality. PCA produced easy to read reports that help us make better decisions for our business.
PCA's ability to turn general concepts into refined and elegant application processes proved a great match for our enthusiasm and desire to grow."
Lisa D'Amato
Founder, Royal Admin

Results and Benefits
  • Doubled call center throughput per customer service rep
  • Reduced data entry errors from 20% to < 1%
  • Reduced system downtimes from 2-3/week, to zero.
  • Improved data analysis capabilities
  • More robust security
  • Streamlined MAS 90 Accounting process
  • More complete/accurate management reporting