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Medtronic manufactures and markets a wide range of medical devices, from electronic pacemakers to catheters and syringes, to provide life-long solutions for people with chronic disease.

The Need

Medtronic needed a repeatable, efficient way to track part inventories and product configurations within their manufacturing environment, and their "new MRP system" lacked the necessary functionality. The manufacturing process required stringent controls consistently applied and accurately tracked. Operations was increasingly bogged down with paper forms that were inconsistent, and provided no effective way to track part relationships or business constraints. Technicians were required to "sign off" after performing each step in the process for creating each lot in the manufacturing process. In short, more work was being required of Medtronic personnel that was producing fewer benefits to the business.

The Solution

PCA designed and developed a custom parts management and tracking system for Medtronic's catheter production facilities. The solution supported their existing document-based parts tracking process and was fully integrated into Medtronic's new MAX MRP system, existing labeling and barcoding system, and other corporate reporting systems.
Medtronic Parts Screenshot 1 Medtronic Parts Screenshot 2
Results and Benefits
  • Greatly improved efficiency (Some operations realized a 10-fold improvement)
  • Reduced human error: significantly improved consistency of product data
  • Integration with MRP systems, labeling and barcodes systems
  • High quality, highly customized reports
  • High system reliability (better than 99.9% uptime)
  • Reasonable cost (low cost/benefit ratio)