Software Documentation & Knowledge Transfer Services

It is standard (required) practice for PCA engineers to include documentation in the source code — so any competent developer can understand how the code functions, and work productively to maintain/extend system.   PCA does not offer Technical Documentation services (we do not employ technical writers on staff).    We have however worked closely with 3rd-party technical writers in the past.
Our standard Design-Build methodology necessitates a high level of Client interaction. As such, end user training on a new system is rarely (if ever) required. By the time a new system is ready for production use, the Client PM (and usually and few subject matter expects who contributed heavily to the project design) are bona fide experts on the new system, and more than capable of teaching people how to use the new system.


Knowledge Transfer

End-User Documentation

If you require Web-based documents, user manuals or reference guides included in your custom solution, PCA developers can embed "hooks" within your solution interface, that will enable a Technical Writer to attach PDF documents within the system.

On-Line Help

Contextual help in an application gives immediacy to understanding usage patterns and form features, while providing useful tips and techniques. Online help is usually the user’s first access point to the application, both for evaluation and when put into use , and when done well, can add significant value. Online help is readily available, instructive, navigable, searchable and recallable.

Video Tutorials

A presentation of the product features, functions and use in a dynamic graphic format can add great value. Videos not only provide introductions and typical use cases, but reduce the sense of complexity during installations and configurations, and can be a training resource. A “talking head” together with a tour of the application and its benefits (and accompanying text to satisfy accessibility requirements) can be a product asset and give a it a “live” quality. Along with the other documentation media, video tutorials can “train, teach and sell.”

Developer and DBA Training

PCA Engineers will work closely with your programming team to insure complete knowledge transfer of all PCA generated source code programming methods and techniques, and provide your internal resources with all the information necessary to maintain and extend your system in-house over time.   Developer support services can be made available, as needed.
In addition, PCA can train your DBA personnel in the proper methods required to maintain the SQL Server database in optimal condition, including back-ups and restores, index tuning, data migrations, and other techniques necessary to insure optimal SQL Server reliability and performance.

I/T Personnel and Application Admin Training

PCA will work closely with your I/T personnel in the proper methods required to set-up and maintain the network, server resources and bandwidth configurations, to insure optimal up-time and SQL database performance.
In addition, PCA will train your application admin how to properly administrate database application role-based security settings, look-up table values, and other aspects of the database application necessary to manage over time.