Capability MS Office
Smart Client
Internet No Yes Yes
Installation Setup.exe None ClickOnce via URL
User Interface Great UI Low Quality UI Great UI
Security Secure, Trusted Secure, Not Trusted Secure, Trusted
Speed - Performance Fast Slow (reload UI with every click) Fast
Data Local Data - Unconstrained Centralized Data - Flat (Lists) Centralized Data - Relational (Forms)
Versions / Updates Version Headaches No Versions Auto Versions / Updates
Exploits local CPU Full CPU Display-only Full CPU (highly scalable)
Webserver N/A Powerful / Expensive Server Standard / Inexpensive Server
Development Cost Expensive Expensive Inexpensive (3-5x Lower Cost)
Users Business Consumers + Business Lite Business Heavy (B2B)
Integration Server Only Server Only Server and Local PC (Desktop Office Apps)
Offline Computing Yes No or Pay Extra Yes
Bandwidth N/A Med-High Low (Minimal)
Scalability N/A Server- and User-dependent Server-dependent
Standards Based No Yes Yes
Smart Client is the cost-effective way to manage your business-to-business data managements needs.   Smart Client combines the best of Desktop Office Applications with the best capabilities of the Internet and Browser-based applications: End-Users get a highly-functional, high performance, easy-to-use application, with centralized control of application deployment and security.