Extreme Application Makeover Services

  • Are you in danger of losing important business?
  • Are you operating under very tight schedule constraints?
  • Are you spending good $$ with little confidence on the quality and timing of the outcome?
The The PCA Extreme Application Makeover is a rapid response, rapid SQL Server and Rapid .Net development business results service. PCA will fly our Extreme Programming Team to your site, with a complete rapid .Net design and development environment. We will lead your business team thru the complete Smart Client application development cycle -- from Prototype thru Beta to 1.0 testing and deployment -- and deliver a functionally complete, fully-tested, and ready-to-use business solution that meets your business objectives. PCA provides proven Agile Software Development and XP Methodology -- No Excuses, Just Results.

About PCA's Extreme Programming (XP) Services

PCA's Extreme Programming Team (XP) is a complete, self-contained Rapid Application Design and Development Unit comprised of experienced, talented software design and development professionals -- who are capable of compressing an entire custom business application Design & Development Lifecycle by up to 2/3rds. Projects that would ordinarily take 12-14 weeks can be completed in 3-5 weeks! Our Extreme Programming Team (XP) is comprised of a Business Analyst/Project Chief, a Senior Database Architect, a Rapid .Net UI Prototype Designer, and several SQL Server Application Developers.
 PCA's Extreme Programming (XP) Services
PCA experts will apply Agile Software Development methods to your business needs, to insure that your business-critical application is properly scoped, designed, developed, tested and deployed into production, in a fraction of the ordinary time required. Our Agile Development team will remain on your site until the job is accomplished.

Client Requirements>
PCA's Extreme Application Programming service is designed to provide exceptional results under unrealistic business conditions. PCA will consider XP engagements only when a Client has clearly-defined business objectives, and is prepared to make it's staff fully available to PCA around-the-clock.