Standard PCA Project Phases [Click on any Phase for Detail]
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Software Evaluation Phase

PCA assessments focus on getting answers to same key questions we both have: Are your needs compatible with PCA expertise?    And, is our ball-park estimate compatible with your budget and schedule constraints?    Our objective is to establish confidence (on both sides) that the Project is feasible from technical, business and financial perspectives, and to build a good working rapport with you as a prospective PCA Client.   Our Consultants will work with you one-on-one to develop a clear picture of your needs, help you understand the options that are available, and recommend what we feel is the most cost-effective approach.

About PCA Estimates

Several factors can influence ball-park estimates, including:
  • Scope and Complexity of your business application e.g. number of forms, tables, reports, 3rd-party controls, integrations, calculations, etc.
  • Functional Gaps that may exist between your current application and, thru a series of discussions, what we understand you actually need.
  • PCA Experience with Clients in the same industry and/or similar type of applications.
Our main goal is always the same: to identify the smallest, well-defined need that we can help you with — something that doesn't cost much, and delivers real value — and represents a logical starting point for doing more work with you in the future.    If we both determine your project is feasible and a good fit, at your request PCA will send you a Project Agreement that identifies your primary business and functional objectives, initial cost and schedule estimates, and project milestones and target dates within our standard design-build process.