Free Initial Review and Needs Assessment Consultation

PCA provides all prospective Clients with a complimentary professional needs assessment.  
Our objective is to establish confidence that your needs are a good fit — from technical, business and financial perspectives — and to establish a good working rapport with you as a prospective Client.    An expert PCA consultant will work closely with you to develop a clear picture of your options, to discuss questions or concerns you may have, and determine if we are in a good position to help.
Depending upon the nature of your needs, our consultation may involve evaluating one or more of the following areas:
  • A "walk thru" of your existing business application and work-flows (via GoToMeeting). Our goal is to get a good, high-level feel for your application, and to better understand your objectives and immediate priorities.
  • Any material you feel is relevant to PCA understanding your needs, priorities, and developing a logical approach and realistic estimates e.g. high-level work flow diagrams, functional requirements, wish lists, sample files, etc.
  • A bottom-up technical engineering assessment of your existing system.

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MS Access to SQL
Server Migration

MS Access to SQL Server Migration
Simple, inexpensive method to move your MS Access data into SQL Server, to improve stability and capacity.  

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SQL Server
Structure Audit

SQL Server Structure Audit
Experts analyze your SQL database design and/or coding deficiencies that impact performance, reliability, data integrity, with remedial engineering recommendations. 

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