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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Why do we avoid Upsizing Wizard?

The Upsizing Wizard used by less experienced developers will move data from Ms Access to SQL Server. However in most cases, the resulting SQL Server database have the following issues:

  • Not optimized data type selection
  • Slow performance query
  • Missing table indexes

PCApps can help and how.

The Ms Access Upsize Wizard is often the most expensive path to SQL Server. We often finds that designing a SQL Server database from scratch is the more efficient and costs the client less. We can advise about which method will yield the best results and lowest costs.

SQL Server is a completely different and far more sophisticated database engine than Ms Access, and the Ms Access Upsizing Wizard does a very poor job of creating a proper SQL Server database design.

Can help and how

Design the SQL Server database from scratch

Even when designing the SQL Server database from scratch, PCApps can help you avoid complete rewrites by carefully analyzing and planning throughout the application development process itself. This is a process with which we have a lot of experience and does not take lightly.

We feel that the process of understanding your business needs is an integral component of going with the right solution.